Stop Missing £100’s Worth Of Easy Winners Because You Refuse To Look Over Their Neighbours Fence

You’re Overlooking A Massive Goldmine
Through Premier League Bias

As someone that grew up in the UK and spent a lot of my holidays in Paris - I got to deeply understand the love and hate relationship between our neighbouring countries.

And honestly speaking, if you’re one of those people that wouldn’t look at a league because it’s not your domestic one than you seriously need to re-evaluate your life.

I hope that even if you don’t end up joining my service, you’ll realise how fantastic the Premier League is for professional bettors.

Remember, The U.K. is Europe’s largest sports betting market due to early liberalization of online gambling and widespread land-based betting with almost 9,000 retail outlets.

Germany is second (3.92m) but only has 40% of the player base that the British (9.47m) have according to Sports Business Journal.

All in all, we take betting alot more serious due to the sheet number of people that compete on the betting market.

If this doesn’t get you excited, than I don’t know what does

The reason why it’s worth looking into the French leagues for all bettors across the world is because their odds are fairer and allow for more value bets to be won.

Just look at this bet:

7th October:

St Etienne beat Lyon @ 4.05 odds!
PROFIT: £305 From £100 Staked!

Why is this a big deal?

Upsets happen right?

Well let me tell you why it is a big deal!

Lyon had lost 2 and drawn 1 of their last 3 league games and were winless in 6!

St Etienne were JUST underneath them in the table, and won their last league game.

Over 4.0 for a side with an almost identical league record, better form AND home field advantage just NEVER happens in the Premier League does it?!

Where will you find this kind of value every week? The French Ligue 1 and 2, that’s where!

Need other examples to see why I find
better value across the chanel?

No problem, take a quick look at this.

6th October:

Rennes Vs Reims - Reims Win @ 3.26

Lille Vs Nimes - Draw @ 3.89,/

Brest Vs Metz - Brest Win @ 2.62

Dijon Vs Strasbourg - Dijon Win @ 3.06

Montpellier Vs Monaco - Montpellier Win @ 3.17

Nantes Vs Nice - Nantes Win @ 2.1

Toulouse Vs Bordeaux - Bordeaux Win @ 3.12

Notice anything? NOT A SINGLE WINNING BET IS UNDER EVENS! And that is why this league is so special.

The moment I noticed this my life changed.


And this is not a one off either. French games usually don’t have the massive one-sided odds like in the Premiership.

And with my know-how I easily manage an 70-80% strike rate at these exaggerated odds

But I haven’t finished…

Another Factor That Stands Out To Me Is The high goals per match.

The Bundesliga and Ligue 1 are the top scoring leagues in the BIG 5.

The Premiership sits third.

Again look how this translates into better odds.

St Etienne Vs Lyon - Under 1.5 Goals @ 3.55

St Etienne had 2 of 3 recent games go under 1.5 and Lyon had 1 of 3 recent games going under 1.5. That means 50% of all recent games went under 1.5 yet the odds are still 3.55

PROFIT: £255 From £100 Staked

Lille Vs Nimes - Over 3.5 Goals @ 3.0

Lille hadn’t seen a single game with less than 2 goals since 17th August so a few goals were all but guaranteed. Could’ve also played the safer Over 2.5 @ 1.85

PROFIT: £200 From £100 Staked

Montpellier Vs Monaco - Over 3.5 Goals @ 3.1

(Monaco had seen back to back games go over 3.5 heading into this fixture and 3 in 4 overall with a ridiculous 7 goal thriller as part of that run.

PROFIT: £210 From £100 Staked


And Here’s The Nail In The Proverbial Coffin
Using Statistical Proof You Cannot Deny

For a point of comparison, let's take high-scoring side Monaco fc and high scoring side in Manchester City to see if the odds shake out the same.

  1. As mentioned above Monaco had a run of... 3 games out of 4 going over 3.5 Goals, and were given odds of 3.1 to do so again.
  2. That SAME weekend in the Prem, Man City had a run of 3 out of 4 going over 3.5 goals. However, their odds were... drumroll please… 2.0?!

A 1.1 odds differential for teams with identical Overs form!

Imagine losing £110 just because Premiership odds aren’t as generous?

It boggles the mind but it’s the truth. There’s just better quality tips over the chanel. You don’t need to own a PHD in statistical analysis to see the value difference here.

So what am I offering?

I’m basically giving you the chance to copy the bets of a complete French football fanatic.

I have already shown you how much money there is available - statistically speaking - and I’m one of the few punters that has been taking full advantage of this.

And these are not your regular favourite bets.. We’re talking over 2.5 on markets that we are all familiar with.

Can you imagine how much effort you’ve wasted on faulty English odds?

So, there are no timed deals, or fake numbers or limited copies or anything like that… that is just not how I operate.

However, here’s the thing…

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Right, ready to seal the deal


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